Foundations in Responsible Research and Innovation

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Welcome to your responsible innovation training, delivered in a Blended, Interactive, ONline and Innovative Course (BIONIC)

This course is designed to be a blended-learning course, with some elements being the responsibility of participants to undertake outside of the group sessions, including pre-reading and some group work. By working your way through the lessons you will unlock access to the live sessions and be able to complete the whole course in order to gain your certificate.

However the course assumes no prior knowledge of RRI and encourages discussion of the core concepts to ensure both a participative element and also an understanding of the need for collective, collaborative creation of responsible research and innovation.

By working through the lessons contained within this course and attending the live sessions, you will:

  • Gain understanding of the background for the development and adoption of RRI
  • Have knowledge of both the AREA Framework as it has been adopted in the UK by EPSRC, and the EU Pillars of RRI
  • Gain familiarity with some of the critiques of and challenges for RRI, and ability to discuss these
  • Be able to apply the AREA Framework to a project and use the PERSUE tool to understand how RRI might be carried forward in that project.