Drone Technology

Drone Technology for Good?

To set the scene with what Responsible Research and Innovation is, we are going to show you an example of where one technology can be used in quite different ways.

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The Positives of Drone Technology

The Negatives of Drone Technology

Could this technology be used for nefarious purposes?

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Please be aware, this video contains shocking but fictitious scenes and as such may not be suitable for all viewers. No students were harmed in the making of this video. 

Consider that both of these scenarios apply similar innovations...

... but are used for very different purposes.

But this is all Science Fiction isn't it?

Not necessarily, recently a company named Skydio released a consumer drone with tracking capabilities that retailed for $999, here’s a video of it in action.

Recently Skydio received $100,000,000 in funding, the CEO Adam Bry released the following statement.

We are now bringing the power of autonomy to enterprises, government agencies, first responders, and defense customers.

Adam Bry

The company then announced the following in 2020.

But what's the Achilles Heel you ask?

The battery life is only 16 minutes. However, it is a point worth considering that Researchers working towards improved battery life could be contributing to these drones unintentionally.