EPSRC Guidance on RRI for researchers

Questions to consider ...

  • Is the topic you are researching potentially controversial? (external perspectives can be useful to answer this question)
  • Is there a significant ethical or moral component?
  • How will you identify potentially controversial implications of your research that may arise during a project? 
  • Are there trust or social acceptability issues for your research?
  • What broader interactions do you need to develop capacity for responsible innovation?
  • When will responsible innovation engagement be able to influence your research direction/trajectory?

Resources to Request

  • As part of your proposal you should consider requesting resources to:
  • Undertake appropriate training to develop an understanding of responsible innovation.
  • Employ additional expertise to embed responsible innovation in your project. e.g., collaborators from the social sciences.
  • Facilitate dialogue and engagement such as travel or meeting costs.
  • Network with UK and international groups who are also working in similar areas to share best practice and develop a collaborative approach.