Welcome and Introduction

This course comprises of four stages:

Prerequisites – self study – to be completed online

Online webinar – Plenary One – 1 hour

Before this session, you should have completed the recommended reading and self study lessons, so you are able to attend on the day with an understanding of the background of RRI, and the elements of the AREA Framework.

Case study work

Between the first and second plenary sessions, groups will organise a meeting separately to discuss your own grant proposals/workpackages and how you would plan to incorporate an RRI approach.  It is recommended that this session be no longer than 90 minutes.  After the meeting and by completing the next set of self study lessons, you will be able to use the PURSUE tool to assess your own case and submit it through the online system.  The ORBIT team will then look at all the submissions in order to pick three or four to discuss during the second plenary.

Online webinar – Plenary Two 1.5 hours  

  • Present and Discuss Four delegates results:
During this session those whose projects have been chosen will have the opportunity to propose their suggestions for RRI work on their case. Their cases and suggestions will be discussed in the group, affording the opportunity to receive 360-degree feedback on the work. The cases will be chosen based on the challenges they present and to try and give a broad spread of issues in the application of RRI.
  • Finally, the trainer will draw together the themes and challenges that have emerged during the sessions and may recommend further reading relevant to these.
  • Post course survey