Your RRI Plan

Ready for the 2nd webinar each team to produce an online presentation (using Powerpoint or Google Slides) detailing the following:

  1. Write a short description of what your project does (text and images)
  2. Why did you choose this project? (REFLECT)
  3. Identify the stakeholders (people or groups) who will be positively or negatively affected
  4. Detail how you could get the opinions of the stakeholders (ENGAGE)
  5. How did the opinions of the stakeholders change your project?
  6. Work out what Technology Readiness Level (TRL) your project is aiming for
  7. Identify which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would be impacted by your project (ANTICIPATION)
  8. Calculate the RRI Intensity Level (RIL) for your project
  9. What did you do to maximise the positive and minimise the negative impacts of your project? (ACT)
  10. Did you experience any challenges in implementing question 9. Above?

Work in your teams to collectively answer the above questions and make sure that everyone in the team has a part in presenting these back in the 2nd webinar.